9 effective strategies to promote your brand with social media organically

Keeping the lights on and pumping out material isn’t all there is to social media marketing. To effectively promote your brand, your organization needs to make extra efforts. And while “engagement” is talked around a lot, few businesses actually understand how to build it organically, especially in light of recent algorithm changes that have hampered many publishers’ ability to increase their organic reach.

It’s for this reason that we can’t expect rapid organic expansion. It takes more than a popular post to bring about lasting change. However, if you put that time to good use, you may attract and retain your company’s most devoted B2B customers.

You may increase brand loyalty, customer service, search engine optimization, and much more by connecting with your target customers and helping your account develop organically.

Here are the nine most effective organic methods we’ve found to expand your social media following.


1. Recognize who you’re talking to.
First and foremost, you need to be intimately familiar with your target population. This familiarity should be grounded not in assumptions or guesswork but in complex data from digital reports. If you know who you’re talking to on social media, you can easily find and connect with people who share your interests.


2. Relevant content is vital.
Having determined who you’re writing for and what they like, you can start working on content that will resonate with them personally. Creating material people can relate to and find gripping raises the prospect of engagement and sharing. The best strategy to expand your social media following is to have your existing audience share your posts with their own. When anything goes viral, it’s usually because it’s highly applicable to a broad audience.


When used correctly, it can bring about re-engagement and more exposure. Instagram and similar platforms are well-known for their strong return on investment (ROI) in terms of reciprocity. After you follow someone or like their post, the odds are high that they will do the same for you.


The use of conversation marketing to boost interaction and shareability on social media channels is gaining popularity and is one strategy for gaining new followers. Start a discussion is a fantastic method to increase your social media following organically.


is all about having your say on hot subjects already being discussed online. Some companies have gained massive social media followings by capitalizing on current events.


It’s been kept for last since it’s the most important. Genuineness always triumphs. Consumers have excellent radars for detecting whether a company’s online presence seems robotic instead of genuine. Remember that the people who follow you on social media aren’t just a metric you can increase by posting more frequently; they’re regular folks who respond better to genuine than to overtly promotional content.

7. Create Shareable Content

To effectively engage your audience, you need a stockpile of relevant, helpful, and instructive material at your disposal. This keeps your audience trusting you as an authoritative source and helps develop your authority in the first place.

Social media calendar publishing tools can map out a social media strategy after sufficient material has been produced. In addition to saving you a lot of time in the long run, this will also help you maximize the impact of the content you create.


8. Repost Useful Content
Don’t be a narcissist, and exclusively promote your own work on social media. Subscribing to relevant publications will ensure that valuable articles are delivered directly to your email, so get started if you haven’t already. You should spread the word on social media if something has struck a chord with you or if you think your followers would find it helpful.


9. Reply with humour
Proper interaction and timing are crucial on social media. Peter Thaleikis, CEO of Bring your own ideas, says that adding comedy to a conversation makes it more genuine.

Higher levels of involvement are seen in channels that have successfully softened the conventional “stiffness” of business. Simply put, if you can make someone laugh, you know there’s a natural person on the other end of the Internet. Also, it’s crucial to be quick to respond.

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