why should you use tiktok as a promotional media

Users of the social media platform TikTok can create and share short films (15-60 seconds in length) that often feature music or spoken word. TikTok was first designed as a video-sharing platform, but it has since expanded to include advertising.

According to hootsuite.com, there were 800 million active TikTok users in October of this year, with the app having been downloaded 1.65 billion times and installed 738 million times in 2019. TikTok is rapidly becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the data. Because of its immense popularity, TikTok is a great chance for business owners and marketers to spread the word about their products.

So, why is it a good idea to use TikTok for advertising? Read on for a complete clarification!

  • There are now 500 million active users.

TikTok’s massive user base of 500 million active users is set apart. Possibly, this figure will keep climbing. Most of the content uploaded to TikTok is dance videos because of the app’s diverse music library. The current implementation of TikTok is also thought to be efficient for promoting online stores.

  • Useful for Expanding One’s Market and Attracting New Clients.

Advertising on TikTok is essential if your product’s target demographic is teenagers. From sindonews.com (02/20), we learn that Donny Eryastha, TikTok Indonesia’s Head of Public Policy, has said that most of the country’s TikTok users are between the ages of 14 and 24. Because of the millennial generation’s propensity for impulse buying and general penchant for consumerism, TikTok can serve as an effective advertising medium for reaching this demographic.

  • Increasing Brand Recognition with Little Effort or Money

Ads for popular brands “take over” the TikTok app the moment a user launches the program. These advertisements are incredibly costly (think tens of thousands of dollars), but they can reach vast portions of TikTok’s user base from day one.

Brand takeovers on TikTok are a great approach to raising brand recognition by isolating the competition for set amount of time and ensuring that users only see one ad daily. However, the steep price is a deal breaker for many companies.

  • Better Potential for Mass Distribution

TikTok is an innovative approach to democratizing content distribution. TikTok has stated that the number of a user’s followers does not affect the content displayed in their feed, contradicting the practices of most social media sites.

So, what does this entail? Just by uploading one video, you may essentially become famous immediately. When one disregards the number of one’s followers, the new guy has as good a shot as the significant pop singer at becoming a viral sensation.

For instance, bubba ice’s TikTok following exploded when he uploaded a handful of videos depicting his ice-cream antics. There are currently 1,300,000 people following his account and 21,600,000 people liking his posts.

  • Try to Give Your Marketing a Natural Appearance

You can do marketing that doesn’t appear like marketing using the content feeling of TikTok. See, 51% of people in Generation Z use ad-blockers because they find commercials annoying.

Conventional advertising methods will not reach these people. A savvy marketer will find non-intrusive ways of getting their message across and swiftly attract their attention with engaging content.

Fun, unique, and original videos are what make TikTok so popular. If you’re looking for content creators who know their way around TikTok and can subtly promote your business, go no further than the TikTok creators marketplace.

Another key to success is seamlessly learning to weave your brand into compelling narratives.

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